Toilet Ball



This custom made 3.5″ toilet ball is the perfect size to seal up your toilet throat when you need to shut off your water and turn your regular toilet into an emergency toilet.  You can also use this toilet ball to prevent sewage from coming up!

The best way to use it is to put it deep into a long sock.  First, shut off the water to your toilet and flush to completely drain water from the toilet bowl.  Spray with a bleach solution and dry.  Shove the ball that is inside the sock into the toilet throat to seal it up.  The sock will allow you to pull the toilet ball out!  It is great to have a toilet ball for every toilet in your basement and main floor of your home.

MORE INFO:  In the event of an emergency, there is a possibility that the sewer could back up into your home.  We have talked extensively with South Valley Sewer and we most certainly hope this never happens and they work tirelessly to make sure it won’t happen.  But all bets are off in a widespread disaster.  The toilet ball is designed to plug up your toilet throat so nothing goes down and nothing comes up.  To use it properly, you would first turn off your water and flush your toilet to drain.  Spray the bowl with a bleach solution to disinfect.  Place the toilet ball in a long sock and shove it down the toilet throat – you can grease the outside of the sock with Vaseline or Crisco to make it easier (the long sock allows you to pull the ball out).  The toilet ball is custom made to be 3.5″.  The standard toilet throat is 3″.  The toilet ball is similar to a stress ball so you can shove it down the toilet throat and then it will expand to fill all of the air space.  Most balls (racquetball, tennis ball, standard stress ball) are not large enough to completely seal a toilet throat (but I would still recommend to use them if you had nothing else).  I also suggest you seal your toilet if you plan to turn your regular toilet into a dry toilet using the contents of the Complete Emergency Toilet.  PLEASE NOTE:  Typically the toilets at risk for sewage back up are those below street level – so every toilet in the basement.  PLEASE ALSO NOTE that ALL drains in the basement could be at risk for backup and you can easily purchase TEST PLUGS in the plumbing department of most home improvement stores or any plumbing store (be sure to measure the pipe so you get the right size).  Floor drains in your furnace room, bathtubs, showers, sinks, etc. should be plugged (floor drains will be the most critical and then toilets).  Having a plan in place is critical before the event happens.  If sewage backs up into your home it will be deem a health hazard and uninhabitable and you will be forced to leave.


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