Survival Facts

What you need to know to be prepared for any situation

After a major disaster, essential services such as running water, sewer, electricity, and garbage pick-up will most like NOT be available. Sanitation and personal hygiene are critical and will need to be carefully observed until services are restored.

human waste

Toilet facilities are and will be a necessity. After a disaster, if water and sewer systems are not functioning, these facilities will need to be improvised. Portable toilet essentials you will need:

  • Five gallon bucket
  • Snap-on toilet seat with lid
  • Toilet bags
  • Chlorine bleach or detergent
  • Toilet paper
  • Hand sanitizer

Add other products to your toilet that you usually use in the bathroom (feminine products). Consider adding body wipes and also sanitizing wipes and rubber gloves for cleaning the toilet.

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Personal hygiene

Stock essential personal hygiene supplies. Teach family members proper hand washing procedures and habits. Store bleach or other disinfectant to sanitize dishes, food preparation areas, and other often touched and used surfaces. Consider alternative methods of laundry that do not require electricity.


A fresh solution of 3/4 cup unscented, liquid chlorine bleach per one gallon of clean water, makes a good sanitizer for hard surfaces. Apply, let stand five minutes, rinse, and air dry.  However, my favorite hard surface sanitizer is Steramine.  One tablet is used per one gallon of water.  Indefinite shelf life and very inexpensive with no mess!

garbage disposal

Know how to properly dispose of garbage when pick-up is not available. Purchase and store large black trash bags. Securely tie garbage bags and store in a large container with a right fitting lid. Keep separate from human waste. If you must bury, dig a pit at least 18″ deep and at least 100 fee away from water sources.


Disposing of waste properly is important because it improves sanitation in highly trafficked areas, protects water supplies, and prevents pathogens from dispersing.

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