About Prepare My Life

I will never forget my first earthquake. I lived in Southern California and was home alone with my two-week old son. When the entire house began to tremble all I could think to do was cover my son’s body with mine until the shaking subsided. Although no injuries occurred, feelings of uneasiness lingered. Here was this newborn, completely dependent upon me, and I wasn’t prepared to handle an emergency. What if it had been worse? I needed a plan!

The Prepare My Life Planner is where I started, which is an organized emergency preparedness plan. Not only does it contain a step-by-step plan to help prepare your home and family for an emergency, it is also designed to store and organize your important documents. Whether it’s a natural disaster or a death in the family, every household needs a plan in order to survive and to cope. By completing this step-by-step planner, I promise that you and your loved ones will be better equipped to endure unexpected adversity. It’s a great feeling to be prepared!

Tami Girsberger, Founder

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