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What you need to know to be prepared for any situation


Butane stoves are lightweight, convenient, easy to use, and safe to use indoors.  Butane stoves provide a nice hot flame and come with an automatic ignition.  My favorite feature is that you can control the heat by turning the flame from high to low.  It is very similar to cooking on your own home stove.  Perfect to use when electricity is not an option and cooking outdoors is not preferable like in freezing temps or rain or snow storms.


Butane fuel is safe to store indoors and has an 8-10 year shelf life.  Best to use in a well ventilated area.  One fuel canister will last about 1-1/2 hours on a high rolling boil to about 5 hours on a low simmer.

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My favorite solar oven is the All American Sun Oven.  Solar cookers let UV light rays in and then convert them to longer infrared light rays that can’t escape. Infrared radiation has the right energy to make the water, fat, and protein molecules in food vibrate vigorously and heat up.  The solar oven is a excellent way to not only cook food but to also conserve any fuel that you may have stored.  And the best part is that solar fuel is FREE!


Solar ovens can reach temperatures of 360 -400 degrees F and can be used to bake, steam, boil and even to dehydrate foods.

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Propane, charcoal, and firewood are all great outdoor cooking options.  My favorite outdoor cooker is the Volcano Stove.  It will cook just about anything and can be used as a safe fire pit.  With the right model you can fuel it with propane, charcoal, or firewood.  There is nothing like having several options when it comes to cooking food.  Redundancy is a good thing!  The Volcano Stove collapses to 5″ making it easy to store and portable.




The Volcano Stove is an award winning Dutch oven cooker but can also be used as a grill or used with woks, pots, pans, griddle or even an open flame.

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Step-by-step emergency preparedness plan that also houses your important documents for easy grab & go urgency. Includes tabs, forms, folders, pages, pockets, and pouches to keep everything organized. Also includes CD, pen, and calculator in a secure zip-up binder.

Holds these essential items:

  • Grab & Go plan
  • Insurance Information
  • Maps
  • Birth Certificates
  • Keys
  • Immunizations
  • Cash
  • Home inventory
  • Emergency Numbers
  • And much more...