Survival Facts

What you need to know to be prepared for any situation

Water storage containers

Water barrels and other food-grade water storage containers are an economical way to store large quantities of water and come in a variety of sizes.  When filling your barrels with water, add one teaspoon of non-scented liquid chlorine bleach for every ten-gallons of water and plan to replace the water every year OR, use our Water Preserver Concentrate and only rotate your water every FIVE years.


To use the water in your large barrels, siphon or drain the water into a smaller container that has a spigot. These smaller containers can easily be carried to the kitchen and bathrooms.  You now have “running water” where you need it.  Check out our Aqua Pak 5-gallon container with reversible spigot.

portable water

Store water that is easily portable and convenient to take with you in the event of an evacuation. Cases of bottled water or water in containers that are easy to lift and move are great options. Plan to take five gallons of water per person. Make sure your portable water storage is on your Grab and Go list.


Five gallons of water weighs approximately 40 lbs.  If you cannot lift 40 lbs. into your car, consider storing water in smaller containers that you can lift.

additional sources of water in your home

Not knowing how long it will be before water service is restored, you should be aware of other places to find water in your own home. If water service has been disrupted or you suspect the water has been contaminated, TURN OFF the main water valve. This will seal the water in your home and protect contaminated water from coming in.

Hot Water Tank

Hot water tanks contain gallons
of drinkable water.

Plumbing System

Pipes within the walls of your
home contain water.

Unsafe Sources of Water

Water beds, swimming pools,
spas, & toilet bowls.

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