Water Prepared 160-gallon barrel



  • 160-gallon water tank
  • 2 brass hose bibs
  • 6-inch vented cap
  • Large cap for easy filling
  • Stackable to save space
  • Utility valve for extra connections
  • Easy to fill buckets
  • Connect to standard hose
  • Easy drain valve
  • 29″ wide, 36″ deep, and 45″ tall (yep, they will go through a doorway)

Make it easy!  Add 3 Water Preserver Concentrate bottles to each Water Prepared tank to preserve your water for FIVE YEARS without the need of rotation.

TIP:  Use the water in your large water tank to fill the AquaPak 5-gallon container.  This easily portable container with spigot can be used in the kitchen and bathroom as your “running” water.  Genius, isn’t it?

These barrels stack (for a whopping 320 gallons of water storage) and make an extremely efficient and space saving system!  You gotta love it!

Another TIP:  Label your barrel with the date you fill it and the date it needs to be refilled.  It’s too hard to remember.




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Dimensions 29 × 36 × 42 in


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