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As a continued effort to help our community to be more prepared and self sufficient, this month we are offering some SPECTACULAR food storage items.  These items are not only excellent for long term storage but they are fabulous and healthy and nutritious and easily used every day and are easily rotated.


RAW CREAMED HONEY — Absolutely amazing!  And one of my favorite things besides the fact that honey has an indefinite shelf life, is that creamed honey NEVER crystallizes.  How awesome is that?!  This honey spreads like butter and is completely raw with nothing added.  Just pure creamed honey that is never heated above 110 degrees so it retains its natural properties.  See product details for more information.

RAW ORGANIC VIRGIN COCONUT OIL — Coconut oil is an extremely healthy fat.  It is a medium chain triglyceride which means that although it is a fat, it is burned in your body more like a carb and stimulates the burning of other fat in your body.  Seriously, coconut oil has about 1000 uses.  The FDA requires a 3 year date stamp on the product, however, testing shows that after 10 years it still retained almost 100% of its taste and nutrition.  Don’t be afraid to store it long term, but once you get use to using it, you will love it and rotate it long before that time.  Comes in 1/2 gallon or 1 gallon.  See product details for more information.


Remember these products and supplies are being offered to our community at a group discount.  There is no obligation to purchase but we are excited about this opportunity to help fortify and prepare your families with emergency sanitation items that have been demonstrated at our class.

All prices include sales tax and will be delivered to your Emergency Preparedness Director for distribution to save on shipping charges.


NEXT UP??  Look for our WATER CHALLENGE coming soon and we will have your water solutions for your WALK AWAY, DRIVE AWAY, and STAY at HOME scenarios.



If you have any questions, please contact Stacey Goodrich at

Thank you!

It’s a great feeling to be prepared!

Food Storage Items