First Need XLE Portable Water Purifier



Lightweight Portable Water Purifier.  Perfect for your DRIVE AWAY scenario or just to take camping.  In our testing this purifier was the easiest to use with the best tasting water.  One of our favorites!

  • Certified to EPA Guide Protocol for microbiological purifiers against bacteria, cysts and viruses
  • 150 gallons
  • Increased durability and capacity
  • Direct connect to popular trail containers
  • Award Winning “Structured Matrix” purification technology
  • Fast flow rate
  • No hold time or double pumping
  • Clean out port
  • Indicates end of useful capacity
  • Secure hose for backwashing
  • Easy pumping
  • Sealed canister with cover and tote bag

May also purchase a First Need XLE Replacement Canister for an additional 150 gallons of water purification capacity.


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