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YOU MUST ORDER AT LEAST 10 BOXES ON THIS ITEM — It will be delivered directly to your home! ¬†If you don’t need 10 boxes, find a friend or a family member to share. ūüôā

Since bottled water has been flying off the shelves, this is a great option to have delivered to your home.  No crowd, fuss, or worries!  It is also an excellent portable water option.

In the event that we must evacuate it is critical that we have portable water. ¬†The 5-gallon boxed water is perfect for our¬†drive away¬†scenario.¬† ¬†It is 5-gallons of drinking water packaged in a mylar bag and then housed in a box for easy storage and portability. ¬†Punch out the perforated tab on the box to reveal a spigot. ¬†Lay the box on its side and you have “running water”. ¬†This is a great portable water solution but can also be used as water storage in your home.

Store in a cool, dry place away from chemicals and other toxic material (i.e. don’t let it freeze or get wet or store by pesticides, gasoline, household cleaning products, etc.).

  • Width: ¬†9.75″
  • Depth: ¬†10.75″
  • Height: ¬†12.50″
  • Weight: ¬†42 lbs.

The recommended amount of portable water is 5 gallons per person.  This gives each person 1 gallon per day for 5 days.

I love this water because it is so handy in many situations. ¬†If your house water is out due to construction or whatever, no worries, you have “running water” with your boxed water. ¬†Need water to go camping or boating or hunting? ¬†You’ve got it! ¬†Don’t be afraid to use it when you need to. ¬†Even though it has an indefinite shelf life, keep it fresh and rotated and enjoy it :).



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